Welcome to the english summary of my homepage!!

Hello there, and welcome to the internet home of Garry Nilsson

A long time ago, I hade another homepage on the web, but it sailed away into the sunset, or at least, got lost in cyberspace.

In 2009, it was finally time to do something about the songs I've hidden deep down in the cellar, and it resulted in a 11 track CD that came out in May 2010. To promote it, and also make some promotion of myself as a musician, (and also as writer and photographer) I decided to put up a new homepage.

The page is mostly in Swedish, so I take this chance to explain a thing or two about it a myself here, for people out there who not speak swedish. I was born in Knivsta, Sweden in 1962 and 'Ive never moved away from that small town, which you find six Swedish miles north of Stockholm. I started to play guitar and write songs when I was about 15, and since then I have, now and then, played at some local bars, parties and so on. I also play in a coverband called X-män. We play partymusic, only in swedish, but all five in the band have regular jobs to go to, so its hard to find time for rehersal and booking gigs. I also play typical Swedish soft dancemusic with my friend Roger Berglund. I play guitar and he plays saxophone to prerecorded backgrounds.

Way back in 1990 we made a record called Tuffe Uffe, about a crazy religiouns sect called Livets Ord in Uppsala. And then, 20 years later, it was time for an album. My good friend Pea Eliasson has a musicstudio, Äppelbo Ljud, in Dalarna, in the northwestern parts of Sweden. He's also a good musician and producer, so we had some beers and a lot of fun, and it all ended up in a record called Demo-realiserad. The name came because it was first ment to be a couple of demos, then the project became realized, so the swedish name was born.

Pea have tried to promote his hometown Äppelbo, by making a chrismtas tradition, a cd called Äppelbo Jul. When he did his second collection of christmas songs, he wondered if I would contribute on the record, but by then I had not wrote any christmas songs, but somehow he lit a candle somewhere, and when it came to the third edition, 2011, I was ready. So ready so I put three songs out as an own chrismas cd, and two of them ended up on "Äppelbo Jul 3".

But one song wasn't ready. So when we got together in the authumn of 2012, to take a look at some new songs for a new album (to be released sometime in 2013) we did another christmas tune. "Hon tror att tomten finns" - "She belives in Santa Claus", is newly released on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon and so on... And of course, you can order it from me.

To the left you find a couple of headlines:
* Aktuellt: A sort of blogg, with info about my life, and where I play
* Garry info: The story of my musical life.
* Skivor: As you can see, my records!
* Texter: Lyrics to the songs Ive written. Both from the album, and also stuff Ive written for others, and some things still not released.
* Fotojobb: A collection of photos that I've taken during the years. Its mostly American football, connected to my work as editor of the Extra Point Magazine, and as webmaster for the American football federation in Sweden.
* Länkar: Just some favourite weblinks
* Kontakt: A couple of ways to get in contact with me.
* Gästbok: A guestbook for visitors of the page.
* Provlyssna: Some short examples of my music.

On the bottom of the first page, you can also find the reviews I've found in the press for the record. Just two, but rather good. Three on a scale from one to five, on both reviews.

Take a look around, and look at the contact page, if you want to give me a call or drop me an email! And may your feet go with you!!

Garry N.  (updated 121119)