She sell seashells

Sången har hämtat sin inspiration från en affär med samma namn, som ligger ute på vackra Sanibel Island, lite söder om Fort Myers, Florida.

I took a tropical session,
Tried to hide my depression
From a love’s wound that cut me so deep
I took a walk late at night
Instead of tryin’ to fight
the dreams that’s been hauntin’ my sleep
I found her there, near the sea
She stood there, smiling at me
And I knew that I’d seen her before
It was down at the mall
Close to the entrance hall
At the “Magical Moonlightning” store

She sell seashells
She said they get a magic light
If I pick them when the moon shines bright
And this full moon suits me
She sell seashells
I found her pickin them there the sand
Now I’ve got to make her understand
She can pick my heart for free

I walked closer to where
She was standing, and there,
She told her secret to me
It’s the moonlight, you know
It’s not a fake, not a show
The moon can do magic, you’ll see
Cause I can tell by your eyes
That you’ve heard all loves lies
And you know as well that it shows
But tomorrow at midnight
I’ll teach you to pick right
And what’ll happen then nobody knows

Text och musik: Garry Nilsson