How do you marry an angel

En sång som funnits med ett tag, men fått ligga till sig i byrålådan pga min rädsla för att skriva saker på engelska. Men jag har ju träffat den där ängeln, så till sist kändes det rätt att plocka fram sången, även om hon aldrig vill gifta sig med mig.

How do you marry an angel
An angel with two broken wings
I’ll do anything just to hold her
Whatever burdens it brings
All that’s left of our last night together
Is her lip prints on a glass of champagne
I have to find her again and convince her
To say yes to my hopeless campaign

Please tell me Lord
Which way should I go
I’ve got no one to turn to but You
I know she’s an angel but I still love her so
When she fell to the ground, I fell too

Tell me Lord, can I marry an angel
Even though she’s a fallen one
Is there a way to find blessing
From all of the sins that I’ve done
How can I be worthy to ask her
To give up her wings just for me
And then Lord, is it too much to beg for
If You then please can set her free

Please tell me Lord…

Text & Musik: Garry Nilsson